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GeoThings SD

GeoThings SD

  • Built-in GPS and GPRS
  • Solar powered
  • Internet of things
  • Ultra low consumption

Arduino Compatible

We love Arduino world, and GeoThings is built to the same standard. Your Arduino sketches and development will operate on your Geothings too.

GeoThings has a built-in GPS, Arduino-compatible, solar powered, cloud-powered development platform that simplifies creating outdoor internet-connected sensors and hardware. It takes your DIY projects to the next level and it’s a powerful tool for education and creativity.

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This little and lightweight board, ultra-low power consumption, solar powered contains a board microprocessor and a mobile microprocessor. It is fully arduino compatible and there are more than 200 compatible sensors.

You can integrate your device or app with our GeoThings Cloud Platform API and develop your own Mobile App using our libraries. Or just use GeoApp, our mobile App.

It’s easy to use and with a few steps you can start using it and obtaining data on your mobile from any sensor with minimum knowledge.

Don’t worry about expensive Mobile plan contracts, GeoThings comes with 1 month free mobile M2M plan with 2.99 USD/month contract. 1 Mb/month is enough for getting tens of thousands reports in a year.

It works with a lot of things

Geothings works with all Outdoor Things. Small, almost invisible, solar powered, GPS powered, and mobile chip linked. It easily attaches to cars, trucks, gardens, boats, pets, wildlife, helium balloons, floating devices, waterproof. Remote travel projects is thrilling and easy. Mountains, wind, pollution, stratosphere, birds, trees, trips, sea, travel, … project kits are easy to assemble and launch.

Very easy set-up process

  1. step1Create your account at GeoThings.io.
  2. step2Upload your Arduino sketch to the device and plug any sensor.
  3. step3Download GeoThings App from App Store.
  4. step4It is done!

After a few minutes you will be receiving information on your mobile.

Free M2M Mobile plan included

Mobile access is free the first month. Don’t worry with expensive Mobile plan contracts, GeoThings comes with one month free mobile M2M plan with 2.99 USD/month contract. 1 Mb/month is enough for getting tens of thousands reports from sensors in a year.


The possibilities are, basically, infinite. There are more than 200 GeoThings compatible sensors:

  • Accelerometer, Position, Gyro & IMU SensorsAccelerometer, Position, Gyro & IMU Sensors.
  • Arduino Switches & Physical Input/buttonsArduino Switches & Physical Input/buttons.
  • Cameras & VisionCameras & Vision.
  • Joystick sensorsJoystick sensors.
  • Medical, pulse, pressure, oxygen sensorsMedical, pulse, pressure, oxygen sensors.
  • Distance/Range Sensors & Object DetectionDistance/Range Sensors & Object Detection.
  • Environmental SensorsEnvironmental Sensors.
  • Motion, detection SensorsMotion, detection Sensors.
  • Light, UV, Color SensorsLight, UV, Color Sensors.
  • Voltage & Current SensorsVoltage & Current Sensors.
  • Contamination sensorsContamination sensors.
  • Gas sensorsGas sensors.
  • Water sensorsWater sensors.
  • Position sensorsPosition sensors.
  • Agricultural sensorsAgricultural sensors.

With integrated GPS and mobile connectivity, you can measure anything anywhere!

You can also track any animal or moving object, interact with the GeoThings, open/close valves remotely, having fun!

  • Throw a GeoThings bottle into the sea and track it!
  • Throw a bottle into the river and track it.
  • Launch a helium baloon and track it.
  • Track any with GeoThings.

What is the potential of Geoapps?

It’s frankly limitless. GeoThings is a platform IoT mashups. If you want to mash up outdoor sensors plus online cloud services, Geothings is the best in class platform. Existing apps are:

  • Tracks your cat, dog or pet; sends you a message if the pet strays outside your garden boundaries .
  • Cloud interface with full control of the Geothings board Monitor your garden soil; turn on warning message for dry soil, “time to water” conditions, or just opening irrigation valve automatically or remotely.
  • Monitor your swimming pool water; turn on water filter warning to your smartphone.
  • Monitor UV rays, turn on high UV warning from your Geothings weather station outside.
  • Configure Geothings as you meteorological station, and contribute your weather station readings to crowdsourced meteorology online.
  • Monitor your boat, car, truck or other mobile property. Setup Remote Security by configuring warnings on movement or location…

How is GeoThings powered?

GeoThings is powered by very efficient solar energy cells and is an ultra-low power consumption board. You can run sensors comfortably without worrying about charging or batteries.

Advanced low level software provides an autonomous & energy efficient platform.

How does GeoThings work?

GeoThings makes it easy to connect the outdoor things in your physical world to the Internet. You can monitor, control, automate, and have a lot of fun with them from anywhere – at home, office, or on the go.

Our open source apps library gets you playing with the GeoThings quickly. The apps link Geothings to services online and other devices. Thousands of projects can be built quickly, providing fun and interesting geo data, pictures and videos.