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Which is the potential of Geoapps?

It’s frankly limitless. GeoThings is a platform IoT mashups. If you want to mash up outdoor sensors plus online cloud services, Geothings is the best in class platform. Existing apps are:

  • Tracks your cat, dog or pet; sends you a message if the pet strays outside your garden boundaries .
  • Cloud interface with full control of the Geothings board Monitor your garden soil; turn on warning message for dry soil, “time to water” conditions, or just opening irrigation valve automatically or remotely.
  • Monitor your swimming pool water; turn on water filter warning to your smartphone.
  • Monitor UV rays, turn on high UV warning from your Geothings weather station outside.
  • Configure Geothings as you meteorological station, and contribute your weather station readings to crowdsourced meteorology online.
  • Monitor your boat, car, truck or other mobile property. Setup Remote Security by configuring warnings on movement or location…

How is GeoThings powered?

GeoThings is powered by very efficient solar energy cells and is an ultra-low power consumption board. You can run sensors comfortably without worrying about charging or batteries.

Advanced low level software provides an autonomous & energy efficient platform.

How does GeoThings work?

GeoThings makes it easy to connect the outdoor things in your physical world to the Internet. You can monitor, control, automate, and have a lot of fun with them from anywhere – at home, office, or on the go.

Our open source apps library gets you playing with the GeoThings quickly. The apps link Geothings to services online and other devices. Thousands of projects can be built quickly, providing fun and interesting geo data, pictures and videos.