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It works with a lot of things

Geothings works with all Outdoor Things. Small, almost invisible, solar powered, GPS powered, and mobile chip linked. It easily attaches to cars, trucks, gardens, boats, pets, wildlife, helium balloons, floating devices, waterproof. Remote travel projects is thrilling and easy. Mountains, wind, pollution, stratosphere, birds, trees, trips, sea, travel, … project kits are easy to assemble and launch.

Very easy set-up process

Set-up steps:

  1. Create your account at GeoThings.io.
  2. Upload your Arduino sketch to the device and plug any sensor.
  3. Download GeoThings App from App Store.

It is done!

After a few minutes you will be receiving information on your mobile.

Free M2M Mobile plan included

Mobile access is free the first month. Don’t worry with expensive Mobile plan contracts, GeoThings comes with one month free mobile M2M plan with 2.99 USD/month contract. 1 Mb/month is enough for getting tens of thousands reports from sensors in a year.


The possibilities are, basically, infinite. There are more than 200 GeoThings compatible sensors:

  • Accelerometer, Position, Gyro & IMU Sensors.
  • Arduino Switches & Physical Input/buttons.
  • Cameras & Vision.
  • Joystick sensors.
  • Medical, pulse, pressure, oxygen sensors.
  • Distance/Range Sensors & Object Detection.
  • Environmental Sensors.
  • Motion, detection Sensors.
  • Light, UV, Color Sensors.
  • Voltage & Current Sensors.
  • Contamination sensors.
  • Gas sensors.
  • Water sensors.
  • Position sensors.
  • Agricultural sensors .

With integrated GPS and mobile connectivity, you can measure anything anywhere!

You can also track any animal or moving object, interact with the GeoThings, open/close valves remotely, having fun!

  • Throw a GeoThings bottle into the sea and track it!
  • Throw a bottle into the river and track it.
  • Launch a helium baloon and track it.
  • Track any with GeoThings.